The #INlgu tag of Chandigarh is #IN04

Territorial #INlgu tags are also defined for the districts, cities, villages and towns in Chandigarh.

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#IN04 is the #INlgu #tagcoding hashtag of Chandigarh (in India)!

#INlgu tags for districts

District #INlgu code Development data ( Knoema )
Chandigarh #IN055 Data atlas

For sub-district #INlgu codes in Chandigarh find the 5 or 6 digit numeric code in the tables below, and add this to #IN to create the tag:

Tag cloud

The #INlgu tag for all districts tagcloud

Useful links, Open data and #INlgu use


Curated open data for Chandigarh (via Knoema).

Chandigarh Public Monitoring Window

Local care and capacity for #2030Agenda's #GlobalGoals (Actor Atlas).
participation content steward
access to information officer


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