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P - Education
#cofog08IN - Education
#cofog0911IN - Pre-primary education (IS)
#cofog0950IN - Education not definable by level (IS)
#cofog0960IN - Subsidiary services to education (IS)


Parvaaz signifies the first flight of a bird to explore the world of freedom. Parvaaz is pilot program on "Comprehensive Skills and Education Program for Rural BPL (Below Poverty Line) Minority Youth" an initiative of Ministry of Rural Development Government of India. The main objective of the program is to mainstream minority BPL youth of the country by empowering them with education, skills and employment. This project will serve as a platform for the marginalized youth to take their first flight in pursuit of self identity, freedom and equality. It will pave the way for social, political and economic empowerment of rural below poverty line (BPL) minority youth.

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