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#sdg01IN - End poverty in all its forms everywhere
#sdg05IN - Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
#sdg08IN - Promote sustained, inclusive & sustainable economic growth, full & productive employment & decent work for all
#sdg10IN - Reduce inequality within and among countries


Aajeevika - National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) was launched by the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Government of India in June 2011. Aided in part through investment support by the World Bank, the Mission aims at creating efficient and effective institutional platforms of the rural poor enabling them to increase household income through sustainable livelihood enhancements and improved access to financial services.

NRLM has set out with an agenda to cover 7 Crore rural poor households, across 600 districts, 6000 blocks, 2.5 lakh Gram Panchayats and 6 lakh villages in the country through self-managed Self Help Groups (SHGs) and federated institutions and support them for livelihoods collectives in a period of 8-10 years.

In addition, the poor would be facilitated to achieve increased access to their rights, entitlements and public services, diversified risk and better social indicators of empowerment. NRLM believes in harnessing the innate capabilities of the poor and complements them with capacities (information, knowledge, skills, tools, finance and collectivization) to participate in the growing economy of the country.

State Missions :

Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP)- Andhra Pradesh
Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project (BRLP) - Bihar
Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS) - Jharkhand
Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission (UMED) - Maharashtra
Kudumbashree - Kerala
Pudhu Vaazhvu –Tamil Nadu
Gujarat Livelihood Promotion Company Limited (Mission Mangalam) - Gujarat
Chhattisgarh State Rural Livelihood Mission (Bihaan) - Chhattisgarh
Rajasthan Grameen Aajeevika Vikas Parishad - Rajasthan
Nagaland State Rural Livelihood Mission - Nagaland
Madhya Pradesh Rajya Aajeevika Forum – Madhya Pradesh
Haryana State Rural Livelihood Mission - Haryana
Jammu and Kashmir State Rural Livelihood Mission – Jammu and Kashmir
Uttarpradesh State Rural Livehood Mission


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