Working in sector, or for development goals

#sdg01IN - End poverty in all its forms everywhere
#sdg04IN - Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life-long learning opportunities for all
#sdg08IN - Promote sustained, inclusive & sustainable economic growth, full & productive employment & decent work for all
#isic1410IN - Manufacture of wearing apparel, except fur apparel
#isic4290IN - Construction of other civil engineering projects
#isic2826IN - Manufacture of machinery for textile, apparel and leather production
#isic8110IN - Combined facilities support activities
#isic4210IN - Construction of roads and railways
#cofog0721IN - General medical services (IS)
#IN88C - Manufacturing
#IN88F - Construction


The Skills Initiatives Group within IL&FS Education catalyses, facilitates and manages large scale, demand-driven skills training and placement programs, to connect industries in need of skilled workers with trained personnel and to address employability issues in both Private and Public Sectors.

Skills and trainings for :

*Production System
*Road Engineering
*Facility Management

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