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#sdg01IN - End poverty in all its forms everywhere
#sdg09IN - Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
#sdg17IN - Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development
#isic6411IN - Central banking
#isic8542IN - Cultural education
#isic6209IN - Other information technology and computer service activities
#isic6190IN - Other telecommunications activities
#isic8010IN - Private security activities
#isic4719IN - Other retail sale in non-specialized stores


The Govt. of Haryana has decided to implement NRLM through autonomous society. Accordingly, ‘The Haryana State Rural Livelihoods Mission’ was established as a society. The Society was registered under The Societies Registration Act – 1860 on 24th May, 2011(Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations). The Society will work for the empowerment of the poor and for poverty reduction by focusing on Livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable sections of the society in rural areas. The poor household shall be empowered to overcome all social, economic, cultural and psychological barriers by promoting institutions of poor at various levels. An environment conducive for the realization of full potential and inherent capacities of the poor will be created through social mobilization – awakening and promoting opportunities for the poor. The society is to work to enable the poor people perceive the possibilities of change and bring about desired change by collective action and participation of the poor in implementation.

The mission will seek to ensure that the infrastructure needs for key livelihoods activities of the poor are met with. Particular attention would be given to activities for providing marketing support to SHGs which will include support for market research, market intelligence, technology, extension and developing backward and forward linkages. This will also include support to build livelihoods collectives.
The activities under the Livelihood Promotion would include:
Promotion of specialized livelihood institutions and producer collectives
Productivity enhancement initiatives and community extension models
Small scale productive infrastructure and local value addition
Collective input purchase and collective marketing

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