The 2030 Agenda can only be achieved with a level of scale and ambition in collaboration and commitment across all levels (and many functions) of governments.

Contribute to a social media library or a domestic conversation for each function of government in India (IN) by tagging your relevant tweets with #cofognnnnIN, where nnnn is the COFOG class number of the function of government to which your information belongs. Use a print-out of the below list for reference. If not sure whether or not a topic belongs to a function class, then check the Detailed structure and explanatory notes of COFOG, Classification of the Functions of Government.

Tab guide:

01 General Public Services
02 Defence
03 Public Order and Safety
04 Economic Affairs
05 Environmental Protection
06 Housing and Community Amenities
07 Health
08 Recreation, Culture and Religion
09 Education
10 Social Protection

The Aspirational Districts Programme (ADP) is a flagship Programme of the Government of India that aims to transform the socio-economic status of priority districts that are among the poorest of India.

Kanni Wignaraja in her message [1]: "The Aspirational District Programme in India is an effort to demonstrate that governments and stakeholders can advance sustainable development by designing and implementing together.".

Renata Dessallien in her message: "The programme’s focus on 3 Cs: Convergence (of central and state schemes), Collaboration (between Centre, State, District and Citizens) and Competition (among the districts in key performance indicators) is proving to be a successful model for stimulating local development."

The Appraisal [1] concludes that ADP positively impacts development targets, but that there are still challenges and issues that need to be addressed (page 38). For each of these challenges the below table indicates some possibilities to increase the scale and broaden the ambitions.

  • Disparities among sectors
  • Disparities among districts
  • Data discrepancies and adverse effects of competition
  • Lack of human resources
  • Scope for collaboration
  • Addition of sectors or themes

These list will be completed, with grouping of districts by language and state, and with their #INlgu code. All districts of India are listed with their #INlgu tag at Districts of India, with #INlgu hashtag.

1. Aspirational Districts Programme: An Appraisal (June 11, 2021) url
2. International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC), Rev. 4 list "all other sectors" url